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Further to one of the incidents included in the January 2019 V.C.O.C. Crime Report, distributed by Graham Jones yesterday, which related to the individuals suspected of trying to steal a Gold Chain Necklace from a gentleman walking home from the Playa Flamenca Saturday Market on January 12th, as well as also attempting to lure another man to their car on January 20th in Calle Jade, the road in front of Zenia Boulevard, we have also now received details of several new sightings of their Silver Grey Fiat Bravo car, Registration Number 6741 GJD, being seen in the vicinity of Los Dolses R 14 Community, which is located in Calle Cereza and leads up to the canal road.

The most recent of these instances occurred yesterday, February 23rd, at approximately 1.30pm, when they were suspected of attempting to sneak into the Community Garages of R14, by the VCOC Co ordinator for this Community.

He had just entered the garage, when a woman approached him, asking for work. She appeared to be in her early, to mid 30’s, whilst a man in his mid 40s was standing outside, possibly cutting the garage door beam. Both individuals were thought to be of North African appearance and when they saw the Co ordinator’s dog, jump out of his car, they both ran off.

It is not known if other people were waiting in the Car, or if these two were trying to get into the Garages, or if they intended to commit other Crimes, considering the earlier reports of them attempting to Mug men, but these people are obviously touring the area, looking for opportunities to rob and steal, whenever they can.

Please keep an eye out for them and their Silver Grey Fiat Bravo car, Registration Number 6741 GJD.

If spotted, do not attempt to approach or speak to them, but immediately call the Guardia Civil on 062, or the Emergency Services by calling 112, stating where and when they have been seen.

Friday, 15 February 2019 11:32

Pool 4 Is Now Finished!

Dear homeowners

The new pool at pool 4 area is now finished and ready for use, the pool is heated to approx 28 degrees.
You can roll the cover off for use and when finished swimming please roll the cover back to keep the heat in.

Estimado propietario

La nueva piscina en la zona 4 ya se ha finalizado, por lo que ya pueden usarla. La piscina está climatizada aproximadamente a 28 grados. Si quieren hacer uso de la piscina, solamente tienen que quitar la cubierta, y volverla a poner una vez hayan terminado de utilizarla.

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