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There is a burglar operating in Orihuela Costa!:

He is a North African male, of slim build and aged in his very early twenties. He is approximately 1.70 metres (5 feet 7 inches) in height.

Even if you are in your property, please make sure any room you are NOT using has their respective window or door grilles closed shut and kept locked.

The burglar is known to have burgled two separate properties in the past week. One of the burglaries involved the burglar gaining access to a SECOND FLOOR apartment by climbing on to the roof of car that was parked on the driveway of the ground floor apartment. He then climbed up on to the second floor solarium, before going through the unlocked patio door grille and then sliding open the patio door.

Before making his exit, the burglar went through every room on the second floor, before the property owner, who was sitting on the third floor, raised the alarm.

Please be extra vigilant with your property and possessions, even when sat in your own property.

Best wishes
Graham Jones VCOC2 13

Monday, 26 February 2018 11:37

Community improvements update 2018-02

Dear Homeowners
As most of you are aware we are now nearing completion of the stoning of the internal walls, we have also started various other works, the pool steps are nearly finished in pool 3, and a handrail will also be fitted and the pool will then be fully re-grouted ready for Easter. We will also shortly begin the Tiling of the area at the back of pool 3 to create more seating and a sunbed area. The steps leading to the back of pool 1 are now finished with non-slip tiles. Pool 1 will also be re-grouted in the coming weeks. We have also put a white zebra crossing on the internal road by pool 2, we would also request that all owners please observe the speed limits in the community.

Estimado propietario
Como muchos ya sabéis estamos terminando de poner las piedras en los muros internos, también hemos empezado otros tipos de trabajos, los escalones de la piscina están casi terminados en la piscina 3, y un pasamanos también será instalado y luego la piscina será totalmente rejunteado para semana santa. También pronto empezaremos con los azulejos en la zona de detrás de la piscina 3 para crear más sitio donde sentarse y poner tumbonas. Los escalones que dan hacia detrás de la piscina 1 están terminados con azulejos antideslizantes. Se rejuntará la piscina 1 en los siguientes semanas. También hemos pintado un paso de peatones en el interior de la calle cerca de piscina 2, también ruego que los propietarios observan la velocidad dentro de la comunidad.


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